We, the human beings is 「the overwhelming superiority species」 on the earth in this era.
Such too much superiority cause the distortion. It is said that there are more than 10,000,000 species of 「Ikimono」( living things)except a human being ,nevertheless we have forgotten to be kind and considerate toward 「Ikimono」(living things).
If we go on this way, the balance of habitat isolation that is keeping for 60,000,000 years since the Fifth Extinction Event included extinction of dinosaurs in the earth history?? will be destroyed.
We, the human beings can maintain our lives with the benefits of nature as Ecosystem Services. We can’t live by ourselves the human race alone.

The birds for 「seeding dispersal」
The insects kind of butterflies, moths, flies and bats for 「pollinating」(more than 100,000 species in all)
The vultures for 「dealing with tainted meat」
The birds for 「keeping the number of the insect at a certain level」
The seeds that don’t sprout without being eaten by birds
The bears for sowing a forest with seeds

These are only a part of the examples.
All the 「Ikimono」(living things) on the earth should support each other, then the balance will be kept well. We, human beings are supported by them until today.
This complicated ecosystem supported by 「Ikimono」(living things) like animals, insects, plants and microorganisms called 「Biodiversity」.

≪The present condition of biodiversity in Japan≫
「Surrounded by the sea, lie north and south, be blessed with the rain, Japan should have plentiful biodiversity naturally, but now it’s on the verge of the crisis.」
This wording is the official opinion about our biodiversity in Japan from the cabinet decision「National biodiversity strategy 2010」by Japanese government in March,2010.

It says there are three crises.
The first, 「the destruction of the environment」affected by the human beings’ thriving.
(Exploitation, Excessive hunting, Etc.)
The second, By reason of the distortions of the social structure in Japan(such as aging, depopulation, decline of Agriculture, forestry, stockbreeding, hunting, and fishing), it will be difficult to maintain the nature of 「Satoyama」(village-vicinity mountain, marsh, controlled woods) conserved by the people , and the nature will be badly affected.
The third, The human beings have brought in the species that hadn’t existed naturally into the ecosystem. It must be cause「disturbance」. ( Biological alien species, Toxic chemical)
We had already lost『61%』of 「marsh」as「a life cradle」in Japan country for 100years since 1900.

In the future prediction, fields and rice paddies that have been abandoned and are no longer cultivated will tend to increase still more, it will be anticipated continuing to lose marsh(farmland).